Expert digital brand protection for iGaming Operators

Mitigatr provides fully managed marketing compliance and brand reputation management solutions to iGaming operators, accurately and effectively, saving 100s of hours of work every month for your compliance and marketing departments.

Through the use of our own proprietary technology, in-house iGaming compliance managers and qualified legal leadership, Mitigatr provides its roster of iGaming operator clients (includingTier 1 operators) with full, accurate and proven affiliate compliance monitoring.

Unlike our competitors who offer basic technology, Mitigatr is many extra steps ahead through our extensive set of solutions.

For iGaming operators, it means you’re no longer banking on defending a regulatory investigation or customer complaint through a poor technology provider that fails to provide you, your brand and your licence with full cover and protection.

Best of all, we can take care of all the long-winded, time consuming and difficult leg work, freeing up your compliance and/or affiliate teams to use their time valuably.

How We Protect iGaming Brands


Prevent fines and penalties from regulatory bodies by ensuring your affiliates are marketing your brand correctly, appropriately and compliantly.


For smaller iGaming Operators, make sure your brand is being promoted and advertised the best possible way for maximum player conversion, without the traditional expense of our other solutions: COMPLY and BRAND SHADOW.


Protect your brand equity online. Stop your brand from being promoted in incorrect, unethical and illegal sources, ensuring that new players aren’t put off before they have even registered.

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and many more

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We don’t take a churn and burn approach at Mitigatr, and it is never the case that one size fits all for pricing. We work with prospective client’s budgets and do our best to come to a long term, partnership driven, arrangement.

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We are a global team with gambling compliance and iGaming brand protection experience across multiple regions.

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Mitigatr provides fully managed marketing compliance and brand protection solutions to iGaming operators, professionally, accurately and effectively, preventing and stopping fines, penalties and significantly damaged brand equity.