Protect serious brand equity for your online casino and sportsbook.

For all the time, effort and money used to build your operator brand, why let it all go to waste within the space of seconds or in just a few clicks?

Brand Shadow, by MITIGATR, is a gambling-specific brand reputation and protection solutions provider. We scan, identify, review and proactively monitor for content, images, videos, promotions and lots more which might have a costly negative impact on your gambling brand.

We cover global territories, with a specific focus on Operators in the USA, UK and Far East.

Why should you care?

“You can’t build a reputation on what you are going to do”

Better player conversions
Lower acquisition costs
Improves stakeholder relations
Prevents fines and penalties

Although developing a brand requires significant time and investment, destroying a brand could happen very fast.

Time and time again, it has been proven that well managed brands drive higher acquisition rates and even better retention rates. Player loyalty is to the brand. Getting it wrong, or doing nothing, means you will have a serious and costly issue on your hands.

Brand Shadow stops all your brand equity from going to waste.

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Created specifically for the gambling industry, Brand Shadow provides an extensive coverage basis for total and complete brand protection. Less stress and worries, more confidence in knowing that we have your brand covered and protected.

  • World Wide Web
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • YouTube
  • Twitch
  • Telegram
  • In-App Monitoring
  • Closed Groups
  • Forums
  • Ranked Negative Content
  • Player Feedback Platforms
  • Known Unreliable Referrers
  • Illegal Sources

Results are provided on a live basis. Scanning and monitoring takes place throughout the month on a daily basis. Urgent or serious issues are flagged directly and personally to your dedicated team members.

About Brand Shadow

Driven by clients’ requirements, we set out on a mission in 2019 to build proprietary technology that could identify, review and monitor brands online. Unlike any others, we focussed purely on the gambling industry, tackling deep and sticky issues such as closed groups, video streaming and cross-border promotions.

Clients- just like you- no longer wanted an affiliate compliance solution only: the entire brand matters.

That’s why we created Brand Shadow, powered by MITIGATR.

As of 2021, Brand Shadow has become a leading provider for all brand reputation and protection solutions to iGaming operators. We protect the global leaders and the growing enterprises. No brand can afford to not operate in the digital gambling markets without protection.

Our results speak volumes. All our clients who benefit from Brand Shadow have received a direct positive commercial set of outcomes in respect of new player conversions, brand loyalty and brand reputation scoring.

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Brand Shadow is:
  • The only brand protection services provider dedicated solely to the iGaming industry.
  • Driven by commercial goals- direct positive financial impact from better brand protection management
  • Provides 360’ holistic solutions- we don’t treat every client the same. Receive a customised brand protection strategy and report today.

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We don’t take a churn and burn approach at Mitigatr, and it is never the case that one size fits all for pricing. We work with prospective client’s budgets and do our best to come to a long term, partnership driven, arrangement.

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We are a global team with gambling compliance and iGaming brand protection experience across multiple regions.

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Mitigatr provides fully managed marketing compliance and brand protection solutions to iGaming operators, professionally, accurately and effectively, preventing and stopping fines, penalties and significantly damaged brand equity.