MyAffiliates Affiliate Tracking Software Review

MyAffiliates Affiliate Tracking

MyAffiliates MyAffiliates is an affiliate marketing software that is very easy to use, no matter how tech-savvy you are! The software is designed specifically for those in the iGaming industry. Suppose you are an iGaming brand looking to take your business to the next level. In that case, MyAffiliates has a solution for you.

When it comes to affiliate marketing, targeting the right audience is crucial. The way you run digital ads can vary based on your target audience, and that is why experimenting with different strategies is essential. The MyAffiliates platform allows you to do precisely that, as you keep track of and monitor ads performance in terms of traffic and revenue. Thanks to MyAffiliates, you will be able to create, manage, and serve ads to both your ideal audience and affiliates.

The software lets you watch your affiliate marketing campaigns and get all the information you need to run them smoothly. Custom reports can be generated to meet your specific requirements. In addition, you can map every customer’s conversion journey and evaluate marketing performance depending on channels, campaigns, affiliates, and digital assets.

MyAffiliates Pricing

MyAffiliates pricing is more than competitive when you consider the features and the incredible reputation of the software. A complete needs analysis is carried out to work out what capacity you will require. Suppose you are migrating from an existing platform such as Income Access. In that case, they have a complete migration path that they have honed over many years to make as painless as possible. So, pricing is given after this process.

Contact the vendor for pricing information.

MyAffiliates Features

MyAffiliates is packed with a variety of features that can assist you in your marketing efforts. With MyAffiliates, you can:

  • Effortlessly manage campaigns
  • Run reports, track your actions, and analyse data
  • View ROI analytics and attribution
  • Serve adverts that are well targeted
  • Track pixels
  • Run multiple channels
  • Easily access customer support and expert advisers
  • Pay commission
  • Set up the platform in a flexible manner
  • Better communicate with your partners

Benefits of Using MyAffiliates

Managing Affiliate Marketing Campaigns

MyAffiliates is a user-friendly software that enables marketers to set up affiliate marketing campaigns and quickly launch them. When using this campaign management tool, you will no longer have to worry about serving ads to the wrong audience.

You can even create ad campaigns based on the groups of affiliates you wish to target. You may choose to present these affiliates with banners, targeted promotions, and advertisements. Furthermore, you have the option to edit the ads that are already shown on your target websites.
Detailed Reporting, Tracking, and Analytics
Having access to the right set of data is essential for a successful affiliate marketing campaign.

With MyAffiliates, you can easily track your campaigns, produce reports and view the analytics. These features will enable you to gain a deep understanding of what is going on with your campaigns.

Are you looking to track every player or customer’s journey from start to finish? Thanks to MyAffiliates, you can see exactly what happened from impressions and clicks to the final transaction. This will help you assess how effective your campaigns are by looking at each customer’s value.

MyAffiliates offers a centralised location from which you can manage, evaluate, and analyse your campaigns’ performance across multiple channels, whether mobile, offline, or online. Campaigns can be compared based on key performance indicators (KPIs), such as customer value and volume. This lets you identify which channels are driving the most traffic, offering the highest level of customer value and resulting in more customers.

Additional features of this affiliate marketing software include monitoring and evaluating campaign key performance indicators (KPIs) depending on digital assets, ad campaigns, affiliates, products, and individual players and customers. Using this information, you can optimise your marketing spend by allocating a bigger budget to affiliate campaigns that generate higher conversions and marketing ROIs.

Technical details


  • Cloud Hosted

Supported Devices

  • Web-based

Customer Types

  • Small and Medium Business
  • Large Enterprises

Pricing Model

  • Quote-based

How Do I Contact MyAffiliates?

MyAffiliates provides training through which you can learn how to use the software. For any additional query, you may contact support in three ways:

  • Phone
  • Email
  • Tickets

Whether you are a seasoned operator or new to the iGaming affiliate space, MyAffiliates is a comprehensive solution for managing, optimising, and tracking your affiliate marketing campaigns.

AffiliateINSIDER Review


affiliate insider Affiliate INSIDER offers reliable affiliate marketing solutions and support to brands in the iGaming, finance, and retail industries. AffiliateINSIDER provides various services for efficient and effective affiliate and digital marketing. In this review, we are will explore these services and other crucial information about the platform.

Lee-Ann Johnstone is Contributor at Forbes, Founder Affiliate INSIDER

What are the services offered by AffiliateINSIDER?

On Affiliate INSIDER, you are open to services like:

  • Media
  • Training
  • Advert Service
  • Agency service

AffiliateINSIDER Media

Affiliate INSIDER media is a verified Content hub for digital trends. The platform content hub contains news that keeps you updated round the clock with the current happenings concerning affiliate marketing. The content hub also contains resourceful features, insights, podcasts, and videos that inform you about the latest affiliate marketing and digital trends and tips to improve your affiliate marketing practice. The hub is loaded with resourceful content that keeps you informed and hones your affiliate and digital marketing knowledge. Whether you have a steep knowledge of affiliate marketing or are a beginner, you will find the platform valuable. AffiliateINSIDER recently launched a new series tagged #AskAffiliateINSIDER series, which helps digital marketers gain more knowledge.

Affiliate INSIDER Training Service

Affiliate INSIDER’s Affiliate Marketing Performance Program (AMPP) for Affiliate Program Managers provides capacity development and executive coaching for networks, brands, and agencies. It’s a 12-week intensive live training program that fortifies Affiliate managers with skills to launch, scale, and grow successful affiliate programs. During the training, you will implement a new digital marketing and affiliate strategies for growth weekly. The training also gets you to access resourceful material that guarantees a consistent successful outcome. The training intimates you with the latest digital marketing tactics to improve your affiliate program performance and commercial relationships.

Affiliate INSIDER Training Pricing Model

Below is the AMPP training pricing model:

  • Single Delegates Self Funded – £ 325 / month
  • Corporate Delegates – £650 Per Delegate
  • Private Cohorts – £6,500

For more information, you can visit the website.

Affiliate INSIDER Advert Service

The platform advert service offers advertising and promotional service to businesses of all sizes to make the business more visible to the AffiliateINSIDER affiliate community. The advert service involves lead generation campaigns, banner advertising, podcase advertising content, and PR editorials. Through this service, you can collaborate with AffiliateINSIDER to share your company news and connect with new customers to share your expertise via the website or podcast reach.

Affiliate INSIDER Agency Service

AffiliateINSIDER Agency offers outsourcing affiliate agency services to brands who want to build a successful affiliate program. AffiliateINSIDER team of experts provides strategic support for consistent sales. Some of the outsourcing services that the agency offers brands are managing your affiliate program like handling daily affiliate queries, managing budget, and strategic partners discovery. Also, the AffiliateINSIDER agency can help audit your affiliate program strategy identify new growth opportunities for improved sales. Likewise, the agency can help you launch your affiliate program with a viable strategy.

Further, the agency can help hand out the difficult task of finding the right influencer, affiliates, and media partners. The agency can also offer you quality technical project management advice on making your affiliate program tech more productive. Ultimately, the agency can effectively assist you in handling the smooth migration of your affiliate program from another platform.

Best For:

The platform is best suited for brands in the iGaming, finance, and retail industries. AffiliateINSIDER media and training are useful to Affiliate managers, beginners, consultants and freelancers, in-house program marketers, advanced Affiliate managers, new affiliate executives.



GiG Comply Affiliate Compliance

GiG Comply Services

gig comply affiliate complianceGiG Comply is a software built to provide iGaming and gambling operators robust compliance monitoring solutions. The compliance software effectively monitors your brand’s advertising partners and affiliate marketing campaign to ensure that no advertising standard or legislation is infringed.

GiG Comply software comes with a wide range of tools for thorough scanning webpages across different jurisdictions for non-compliant content, links, or website containing iGaming brand’s links or ads.

Similarly, the platform also ensures your promotion contains the important iGaming code-red keywords. The solution analytics offers an easy-to-use and insightful report which details non-compliance findings. Additionally, you can customize the software to generate a custom-made report that meets your specific business needs.

One of the prominent services offered by GiG Comply is an affiliate compliance check. The service keeps an eye on your affiliates to ensure they are in tune with the laid-down marketing regulations. The service carefully checks texts, links, and images for compliance and generates consistent analysis, reports, and screenshots of every page scanned. The screenshot serves as evidence when necessary.

Also, the software’s discovery check helps operators detect unknown sites with your brand links and promotions. Further, GiG Comply offers a pop-under check tool that informs you whenever ads appear on copyright infringing, adult or torrent sites. To discover these infringements, the software combs PIPCU preset website lists alongside adults and infringing sites.

One of the key features of the software is automated monitoring. The solution can scans over 25k web pages daily. GiG Comply can also help you locate your ads on non-brandsafe websites. Also, the compliance solution conducts a worldwide scale marketing compliance scanning, thus providing you accurate reports.

With GiG Comply, you can also identify old partners’ domains, locate any link, check unlimited links at once, export parameters, ensure correct landers are advertised and redirect matchings.

GiG Comply is a global spread; the solution services cover over 180 countries and jurisdictions, analyze over 10 million screenshots monthly, and have scanned over 18 million non-compliant websites, and identified 34 million unknown affiliates sites.

Best For:

The compliance solution is most suitable for brands in the iGaming industry that wish to control their marketing compliance. Consultants and freelancers can also utilize the compliance software.

Pricing Model

GiG Comply’s basic pricing starts at €699 per month. The packages that come with the plan include full suite access, 1 GEO, 1 account, 1user, 1 brand, limited chat support. For a custom quote, you may contact the vendor’s website for more details

Customer Support

GiG Comply offers users everyday email and Skype support, resource library, and video tutorials.


Rightlander Affiliate Compliance

Rightlander Overview

Rightlander is an innovative software that offers affiliate compliance monitoring solutions to brands in the iGaming and Forex industries. As an operator in any of these industries, Rightlander provides you intelligent tools to solely monitor affiliates, social media, ads platforms, and illegal websites and detect non-compliant content that may result in a huge fine for your brand.

Rightlander is a standalone solution that thoroughly scans web-like spider to collect new pages, deep scan website social media platforms, and conduct complex multi-event searches on each page.

Rightlander software scans millions of pages across multiple territories and languages. The software uses various tools and techniques to analyze links, text, and images across various platforms to elaborate and insightful reports. The report highlights the non-compliant content, unknown affiliates, incorrect marketing assets, outdated offer time and creativity, missing terms and conditions, and more. Thus, saving you ample time and money.

Rightlander scanning territories include the USA, UK, Germany, Sweden, Holland, Australia, Norway, Finland, Austria, Greece, and other regulated territories. And scanning can be conducted in multiple languages.

Rightlander offers you an add-on service known as Rightlander Compliance Live. The add-on allows you to monitor events across platforms in real-time to detect non-compliant content. With this, you can effectively manage time-sensitive events.

Another significant add-on provided by the software is Rightlander PPC monitor. The add-on detects non-compliant content across PCC ads using parameters like geography, phrases, keywords, and frequency.

Also, the solution has a prompt notification feature known as Rightlander radar which notifies you whenever your brand is mentioned in marketing messages that flout compliance guidelines put you at risk of fine or license withdrawal. Rightlander is now available as a standalone service, allowing non-Rightlander clients to utilize it.

Best For:

Rightlander solution is best suited for businesses of any size interested in ensuring that their digital marketing strategy doesn’t infringe on any laid down regulations. The software is highly recommended for brands in the iGaming and Forex industry. It helps them detect any infringing content and saves cost.

Pricing Model:

Rightlander pricing is subscription and quotation-based. The pricing is pegged to cater to various sizes of business. So, you can choose the one that best suits your business needs. These pricing categories include:

  • Starter: £1000 per month/brand
  • Professional: £2000 per month/brand
  • Enterprise: Price is available upon request
  • Partnership: Price is available upon request

Contact vendor’s website to get details of each plan feature and a quotation for custom plans.

Customer Support:

Rightlander offers various levels of support to foster the platform’s ease of use. This support includes live chat, a vast resource library for existing customers, and tutorial videos.

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Your request for your complimentary report has been successfully sent, and we will be in contact soon.

Vixio Regulatory Compliance

Vixio Regulatory ComplianceVixio – A Reliable, Efficient Way to Regulate

Finding a reliable and safe way to regulate your gambling or payment interactions can be overwhelming. Both sectors can seem high-risk and involve a valuable, hard-earned resource that people want to take care of correctly: their money.

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They want to know that they are interacting with an organization that is reliable and will do what they have given the system permission to do. Payment systems and gambling systems need to be properly regulated. This is to ensure compliance and that every interaction falls within the jurisdiction of the law. Having a well-regulated system keeps you out of trouble and builds trust with clients. And trust is what keeps consumers coming back for more.

Vixio is well-established compliance and regulatory system used to maintain gambling and payment interactions. It was founded in 2006 and has worked and provided regulating intelligence for well-known companies such as Visa, Mastercard, and HardRock. They offer services both in gambling compliance and payment compliance. They have a deep well of knowledge and experience about a variety of industries and promise to not only accurately inform you about what has happened in a scenario, but will also ensure that you gain a deep understanding of the situation and what it means for your company or organization. You will easily be able to grow your organization and be informed of new and vital changes that are made concerning regulations.

Gambling Compliance

Vixio Gambling Regulatory Compliance

Their version of regulatory intelligence does not only provide you with a method of staying on top of what you need to, but their experience, knowledge, and desire to make sure their customers gain that knowledge and experience as well, gives your organization a competitive edge. You get to decide what sectors of intelligence and regulations are of most interest to you and customize your experience to those preferences. You can choose from over 350 different companies, sectors, specialisms, and geographies. This way, you get to watch what intelligence and regulatory changes are most relevant to you and your needs.

Along with extreme customization, you also receive the information you need to compare different compliance requirements from multiple jurisdictions. You have plenty of access to high-end research, data, and analytics customized to you, your experience, and your needs. With Vixio you will always have access to real-time regulatory changes and will be made aware of trends and developments in global gambling law and compliance.

Payment Compliance

Vixio’s payment compliance system has the ability to be melded perfectly with the workflow you already have going. No need to adjust and no need to add any more regulatory requirement monitoring. This system is utilized and trusted by numerous professionals in both the legal and compliance sectors.

Their system not only allows you to stay on top of compliance regulations that you are already involved with but will also give you the freedom and knowledge to begin a venture with new markets and make data-driven decisions that will continue to move your business or organization forward. You can easily be authorized for new licenses and expand current ones to fit in with your new markets. And just like with their gambling compliance features, you have the ability to not only stay on top of what you need to but gain information that will keep you on top of your competition. Their Horizon Scanning feature constantly provides you with the most up-to-date information from legal developments and legislative events. You can easily use the information that they provide to react to market trends and uncover new opportunities to help grow and improve your organization.

Vixio is a well-rounded, highly knowledgable system you can utilize to help regulate your gambling or payment interactions. In either sector, you will receive consistent updates about market trends and valuable data so that you can adjust your actions to charge ahead of the competition and stay within the regulations that are required of you. Their regulatory intelligence systems are backed with years of experience involved with large, high-risk organizations. They know how to handle complex situations and will customize your experience to fit exactly what you need. They have a history of integrity and reliability that has been proven by their track record with large companies. They ensure that you will receive the vital, valuable information you need, exactly when you need it.

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