Total operator protection against affiliate non-compliance

Through the use of our own proprietary technology, in-house iGaming compliance managers and qualified legal leadership, Mitigatr provides its roster of iGaming operator clients (includingTier 1 operators) with full, accurate and proven affiliate compliance monitoring.

Unlike our competitors who offer basic technology, Mitigatr is many extra steps ahead through our extensive set of solutions.

For iGaming operators, it means you’re no longer banking on defending a regulatory investigation or customer complaint through a poor technology provider that fails to provide you, your brand and your licence with full cover and protection.

Best of all, we can take care of all the long-winded, time consuming and difficult leg work, freeing up your compliance and/or affiliate teams to use their time valuably.

Why Choose Us?

Just like GiG and Rightlander, we have our own front-end user application, but it won’t save you that much time or make that much of a marked difference in your compliance efforts. The reality is that affiliate compliance is more detailed, intense and more varied than what a single tech application can provide. That’s why we focus on the Mitigatr difference:

We confidently stand by our solutions

We guarantee to improve your affiliate compliance monitoring and to derisk your brand(s).

We’re not a PR show piece

We prefer to spend our time and money working with our clients and delivering real results.

Our tech application is free for all clients, not £500 per brand per month

Why should you pay for technology that isn’t that special? We replicate what the competition are doing, and you can use it for no charge.

It’s not just about technology

Need cheap tick box tech? That’s not us. Technology alone cannot solve all your affiliate compliance requirements.

Our managed solutions are 10x what you can ever expect

Troubles with YouTube, unknown sources of tracking links, live events, closed private networks. We have it all covered, plus more.

Our team is driven for compliance and led by a British qualified iGaming lawyer

We’re focussed on compliance and regulation, not a team of ex-affiliate marketers.

Want to see how we can guarantee to add value to your affiliate compliance activities?

Our Solutions

‘Something that we prefer with Mitigatr over any others is their openness and willingness to handle all our ad hoc requests and longer term projects. We have several affiliate compliance projects underway, all of which have saved us a tremendous amount of time, money and stress.’

Emma Richardson , General Counsel and Head of Legal, Compliance and Regulation at White Hat Gaming

The Concierge

Your dedicated client login where you receive all your compliance reports- totally customised, no false positives or data overload, with accuracy guaranteed.
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Think you know where your affiliates are promoting your brand? Think again.
Operators are relying on the affiliate to disclose their promotional sources which is a potential risk. Exposure finds where your brand is being promoted and you were not aware. We go as far, wide and deep as Google goes on its crawling, we guarantee to reveal where your unknown and undisclosed risks lie, including in closed networks and forums that pose a serious non-compliance risk to your brand.

Advanced Actionable Reporting

Nobody likes data overload, and that is one of the biggest issues with using a piece of SaaS technology for affiliate compliance- it scans, but you are often left with lots of leg work still to complete before you can take the right type of action with affiliates.
We created AAR so that compliance and affiliate managers receive exactly what they need, in the most user friendly way possible, to take quick and decisive action. That means your colleagues waste less time trying to interpret a set of results on a tech application, and spend more time on rectifying serious non-compliance.

Social Media- Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Twitch

Social networks are generally private, making the monitoring process difficult. Add to that imagery and videos, and you have a difficult and exceptionally risky promotional source for affiliates to use.
Mitigatr provides the most extensive, deep-dive, thorough, social media review and monitoring process. Unlike others, we don’t just scan for keywords (hint: that doesn’t work!) We have images and video covered, and also monitor over 50,000 closed private groups.

Negative PPC

Taking a punt that affiliates are not using PPC to promote your brands?
A recent requirement imposed on Operators by the UKGC, and a requirement that is likely to be replicated and enforced across multiple other jurisdictions, we provide negative PPC checks that are applied against your brand and all of your affiliates, to ensure that they are not bidding on your restricted/negative keywords.

Emails and SMS

Do you know, and can you check, where your brand(s) are being promoted on emails and SMS by affiliates? Most likely not.
That’s why we cover the most extensive database of affiliate email and SMS campaigns in the iGaming industry, spanning over 100,000 newsletters, with up to 25,000 messages reviewed every day. Find where you are being promoted and take the right action to getting it stopped.

Ad Hoc Projects and Requests

Because Mitigatr has been driven with the clients’ specific needs in mind, we often find ways of solving new problems for existing clients. We don’t ’rinse and repeat’ our SaaS application in the hopes of landing 100s of clients.
We work with our clients, long term, like partners, aiming to proactively solve new problems. If you have a new, difficult or time consuming affiliate or marketing compliance matter that needs to be solved, we’ll definitely be the ones to solve it.


and many more

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We don’t take a churn and burn approach at Mitigatr, and it is never the case that one size fits all for pricing. We work with prospective client’s budgets and do our best to come to a long term, partnership driven, arrangement.

The Mitigatr Difference

Mitigatr represents a brand new managed approach to Operators’ affiliate compliance. Being a qualified iGaming lawyer, I have seen first hand how affiliate compliance started off being ’nice and simple’ but has turned into a difficult, time-consuming and extensive compliance task. The original tech providers couldn’t keep up and their output was often slow and inaccurate. For example, how can a tech provider claim to scan Facebook when groups are often locked and private? The answer- they weren’t and they can’t. Technology alone is just not good enough.

That’s why I co-founded Mitigatr, to provide Operators with a genuine, full, 360, affiliate compliance solution that is backed by our own technology, managed by our own team of dedicated and experience affiliate compliance managers, and driven for a long term partnership with all our clients.

Astan Morarji
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Mitigatr provides fully managed marketing compliance and brand protection solutions to iGaming operators, professionally, accurately and effectively, preventing and stopping fines, penalties and significantly damaged brand equity.