All-in-one digital brand protection for smaller gambling Operators

Express provides smaller gambling operators with brand protection and discovery solutions which drives better new customer referrals with improved earnings per player.

Protect your brand, stay compliant with marketing rules and see better financial performance from referred new players.


Through a protected gambling brand, you will receive:

More Players

New players choose reliable and reputable operators

Better Players

Why accept referrals from known unreliable sources or those with bonus abusers?

Profitable Players

More and better players at a lower cost = better financial performance per player

Want to see how we can guarantee to add value to your affiliate compliance activities?

Core Affiliate Compliance

Every month, receive a report to confirm whether your affiliates are complying with the main marketing regulations that apply to the licences that you hold.

Poor and Illegal Referrers

We ensure your brand is not being promoted on unethical, illegal, dodgy and untrustworthy websites, forums, closed networks and more.

Unknown Promotional Sources

We expose where your brand is being promoted vs where you thought it was. Third party marketing partners will do their best to circumvent tracking rules.

Negative Brand Content

Stop the 1 star reviews, the fake articles and the intentionally deceptive third party reviews. Express makes sure your brand is seen in the best possible light.

Optional: Social Coverage

As an extra, Express can include the coverage of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Twitch and more. Where your brand is social, ensure it is positive social.

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We don’t take a churn and burn approach at Mitigatr, and it is never the case that one size fits all for pricing. We work with prospective client’s budgets and do our best to come to a long term, partnership driven, arrangement.

Our Locations

We are a global team with gambling compliance and iGaming brand protection experience across multiple regions.

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Mitigatr provides fully managed marketing compliance and brand protection solutions to iGaming operators, professionally, accurately and effectively, preventing and stopping fines, penalties and significantly damaged brand equity.