Income Access Review

Income Access Review

About Income Access Software

Income Acccess LogoIncome Access, founded in 2002, is a leading affiliate marketing software developed to offer robust affiliate marketing solutions to brands in the iGaming, lottery, iGaming, and Forex industries. It currently partners with over 300 brands. The software comes with comprehensive tools and features for effective tracking, managing, and optimizing your affiliate marketing campaigns across multiple channels.

Income Access management tools allow you to create, manage and serve optimized digital ads that reach the target audience or right affiliates. The platform optimizes your campaign attributes like geo-targeting, URL characteristics, search parameters, and more to ensure a successful marketing campaign. Similarly, the Intuitive solution helps you track the performance of your online and offline affiliate programs in a single admin interface.

Further, Income Access CRM and communication tools afford you an automated solution that automatically sends bulk branded communication details. Also, with the platform, you can create different commission structures for payouts and even provide bonus programs for your affiliates.

The software analytics provides you valuable insights to maximize your affiliate marketing campaigns. This allows you to develop a viable conversion process for each customer and evaluate marketing performance in terms of the campaign, digital assets, channel, affiliates, and more. You can as well generate a custom report to meet some specific needs

Best For:
The affiliate marketing software is best suited for organizations of any size in the iGaming, lottery, and Forex industries. It’s also suitable for freelancers.

Income Access Features

Below are some of the intelligent features offered by the software

  • In-depth reporting and analytics
  • Multi-channel tracking
  • Targeted Ad serving
  • Pixels tracking
  • ROI analytics
  • Business intelligence
  • Banner management
  • Performance metrics
  • Campaign management
  • Partner communication
  • Commission payment
  • KPI
  • Multiple-level marketing
  • Expert and customer service
  • Fraud prevention


  • Cloud, SaaS, Web-based
  • Desktop – Mac, Windows
  • Mobile – Android and iOS


  • Language – Multiple languages support
  • Channels – email, phone, training and tickets, forum
  • Duration – 24/7 support access
  • Training options – Documentations, live training, webinars, and in-person training

Integration Support

Income Access support integration with top iGaming related platforms

Income Access Benefits

Robust Easy-to-use Affiliate Marketing Campaign Tools

The software comes with many top-quality campaign management tools to help you set up and run effective affiliate marketing campaigns. These tools enhance your digital ads to reach your target audience at the apt time and place. With these tools, you can serve targeted promotions to your affiliates and even update ads after posting. These features drive traffic to your website and improve your sales.

Effective Tracking and Reporting

Income Access thorough end-to-end tracking reporting and analytics allows you to understand and evaluate your campaign performance across various channels. This helps you know the customer’s journey from the first click to the final action, enabling you to evaluate your campaign effectiveness accurately. Also, Access Income lets you effectively track, measure, evaluate and compare your online, offline, and mobile marketing campaign performance. This helps you know your most effective marketing channel and strategy.

Smooth Engagement

Income Access, CRM, and communication tools foster smooth and improved engagement with your marketing partners such as affiliates, traffic partners, advertising agencies, and more. The CRM lets you send bulk messages to your affliates mails directly and automated messages to multiple brands.

Optimized Marketing Spending

The software ROI analytics makes it easier to identify marketing campaigns that drive higher conversion and return. With this, you know the campaign to invest in and budget.

Income Access Pricing Model

The software is quote-based. You can contact a vendor to get quotes for the SME or enterprise plan. The software also offers free trials.

Income Access Alternatives

Other solutions similar to Income Access include:

  • Raven Track
  • CellXpert
  • My Affiliates
  • Netrefer
  • Partner Matrix

Income Access Website

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