Netrefer iGaming Affiliate Tracking Software Review

Netrefer iGaming Affiliate Tracking Software Review

Netrefer Affiliate Marketing Tracking SoftwareNetrefer is a comprehensive and intuitive affiliate marketing software package designed to assist advertisers, operators, and brands in the iGaming industry in growing their business. It provides all the required data users need to easily optimize, manage, and track several affiliate marketing campaigns across numerous channels.

Netrefer contains a number of tools that allow the user to create, manage, and serve digital ads that are targeting the right audiences and affiliates. The platform also provides users with the ability to enhance their digital ads using various strategies. Users can also analyze and track their performance in terms of driving revenue as well as traffic.

The affiliate tracking software allows for obtaining deep and rich insights into affiliate marketing campaigns. Each customer’s conversion journey can be mapped, marketing performance can be measured based on an affiliate, channel, campaign, and digital asset. Custom reports that suit the user’s requirements can also be generated. Netrefer also contains communication and CRM tools that can be used to interact better with marketing partners.

Benefits of Netrefer

Campaign Management for Affiliate Marketing

Netrefer provides robust and easy-to-use tools that assist in the creation and launching of affiliate marketing campaigns that are highly effective. The campaign management tool helps users ensure that their digital ads are delivered to appropriate audiences and marketing partners in the right place and at the right time.

The tool for example enables users to configure ad campaigns for specific affiliate groups they’re targeting. Targeted ads, banners, and promotions can be served to these affiliates. Ads can also be updated automatically after they have been displayed on selected affiliates’ websites. These capabilities enable affiliates to drive traffic to the user’s application or website effectively and effortlessly.

The campaign management tool also enables users to serve ads that target customers based on their specific information. Attributes include the day and time they are most active online, location, specific browser settings, and the language and device they use. Strategies related to landing pages and media content can also be applied to better serve ads to target players or customers.

Tracking, Reporting, and Analysis

Netrefer provides users with the important information required about affiliate marketing campaigns. End-to-end analytics, reporting, and tracking enable users to gain a clear and complete understanding of how campaigns across numerous channels perform.

Each journey a player or customer takes before conversion can be tracked throughout their lifetime, from the first click or impression until the last transaction. This allows for easily establishing a customers’ lifetime value and determining a campaign’s effectiveness.

Netrefer provides a central place where the performance of campaigns on various channels can be tracked, measured, and analyzed, like mobile, offline, and online. Campaigns between multiple channels can be compared in terms of exact KPIs such as value, volume, and customer. This enables users to easily determine which channels are driving more traffic, bringing in more customers, and providing higher customer value.

Additionally, the affiliate marketing software allows you to monitor and assess campaign KPIs based on digital assets, ad campaigns, affiliates, products, and individual players or customers. This helps with the optimization of marketing spend and allows users to allocate more budget to those that achieve higher marketing ROIs and conversions.

Engaging Marketing Partners

The affiliate marketing software contains communication and CRM tools that help with improving engagement with marketing partners, including traffic partners, media agencies, and affiliates. The internal massaging tool can be used to handle multiple companies and brands in one place and send messages automatically to all of these simultaneously.

Netrefer also offers a messaging tool that enables users to send messages to their affiliates which can be received directly in their own email inbox. This is possible due to the software’s integration with various platforms and email services.

Netrefer Features

  • Targeted Ad Serving
  • Campaign Management
  • Analytics, Reporting, and Tracking
  • Multiple Channels
  • Pixel Tracking
  • Partner Communication
  • ROI Attribution and Analytics
  • Customer Service and Expertise
  • Commission Payments
  • Flexible Platform Setup
  • Suitability for Use

Each company has its own unique business requirements. It is therefore logical that it is not likely that you will find a one-size-fits-all business application that will meet all your needs perfectly.

The make the best selection of the Affiliate Marketing Software products available, you should define the various vital aspects that you should be considering, including plans, crucial features, business size, technical capabilities of staff members, etc.

You should then do your product research properly by exploring various software solutions in detail. Such research could help prevent you to choose an application that is a poor fit and select a system that offers all the tools your business needs for success.

Netrefer Pricing Plans

  • Quote-based Plan

Language Support

  • English
  • German
  • Chinese
  • Japanese
  • Hindi
  • French
  • Spanish
  • Italian
  • Russian
  • Portuguese
  • Dutch
  • Turkish
  • Swedish

Netrefer Alternatives

Other solutions similar to Netrefer include:

  • Raven Track
  • CellXpert
  • My Affiliates
  • Income Access
  • Partner Matrix

Netrefer Website
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