Rightlander Affiliate Compliance

Rightlander Affiliate Compliance

Rightlander Overview

Rightlander is an innovative software that offers affiliate compliance monitoring solutions to brands in the iGaming and Forex industries. As an operator in any of these industries, Rightlander provides you intelligent tools to solely monitor affiliates, social media, ads platforms, and illegal websites and detect non-compliant content that may result in a huge fine for your brand.

Rightlander is a standalone solution that thoroughly scans web-like spider to collect new pages, deep scan website social media platforms, and conduct complex multi-event searches on each page.

Rightlander software scans millions of pages across multiple territories and languages. The software uses various tools and techniques to analyze links, text, and images across various platforms to elaborate and insightful reports. The report highlights the non-compliant content, unknown affiliates, incorrect marketing assets, outdated offer time and creativity, missing terms and conditions, and more. Thus, saving you ample time and money.

Rightlander scanning territories include the USA, UK, Germany, Sweden, Holland, Australia, Norway, Finland, Austria, Greece, and other regulated territories. And scanning can be conducted in multiple languages.

Rightlander offers you an add-on service known as Rightlander Compliance Live. The add-on allows you to monitor events across platforms in real-time to detect non-compliant content. With this, you can effectively manage time-sensitive events.

Another significant add-on provided by the software is Rightlander PPC monitor. The add-on detects non-compliant content across PCC ads using parameters like geography, phrases, keywords, and frequency.

Also, the solution has a prompt notification feature known as Rightlander radar which notifies you whenever your brand is mentioned in marketing messages that flout compliance guidelines put you at risk of fine or license withdrawal. Rightlander is now available as a standalone service, allowing non-Rightlander clients to utilize it.

Best For:

Rightlander solution is best suited for businesses of any size interested in ensuring that their digital marketing strategy doesn’t infringe on any laid down regulations. The software is highly recommended for brands in the iGaming and Forex industry. It helps them detect any infringing content and saves cost.

Pricing Model:

Rightlander pricing is subscription and quotation-based. The pricing is pegged to cater to various sizes of business. So, you can choose the one that best suits your business needs. These pricing categories include:

  • Starter: £1000 per month/brand
  • Professional: £2000 per month/brand
  • Enterprise: Price is available upon request
  • Partnership: Price is available upon request

Contact vendor’s website to get details of each plan feature and a quotation for custom plans.

Customer Support:

Rightlander offers various levels of support to foster the platform’s ease of use. This support includes live chat, a vast resource library for existing customers, and tutorial videos.

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